Time is running out for Samsung, Sony, and other mirrorless camera makers

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Chez Wimpy
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great news

then Canon are going to miniaturise a DSLR and carry on putting big APS-C lenses on it. So essentially giving up a big advantage of DSLR's (ergonomics) and not utilising the main advantage of mirrorless (small lenses).

An even smaller camera to use with the many lenses I have "groan to lug."  PDAF, for all the non-sports situations when I have to pray that the 1-shot focus landed right... and the lens is in calibration with the body for no BF/FF.  A small tunnel viewfinder with no indication of the final image exposure / DOF.  Sounds like the answer to all my photographic problems!

Canon is simply relying on uneducated consumers to push their real $$$$ business.  If they can get their cheapest body small enough, ergonomics be damned, well, that is one more hyperbolic advertisement bullet point to push on the masses.  Considering the number of people I am familiar with here who know nothing about cameras but suddenly show up at the festivals with a brand new Canon Kiss + kit lens around their neck (bought at the Japanese big-box stores) it is still a 50-50 split in good 'ole Nippon (the other half get a Panasonic/Olympus/Nex/NikonV1 whatever was on sale... I have also seen one EOS M as well).  That said, the mirrorless train here is really unstoppable.  Of late it has been all "mirrorless" talk from my colleagues, another asking for a summary of the current models last week, and I can't remember the last time somebody I was friends with got an actual DSLR.  Maybe three years ago?

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