Exposure Basics, lesson three?

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Re: Nice, but missing an important point

Thanks for the for the cordial and rational response. I don't think the differences are insurmountable, and I don't see it as unlearning incorrect information. I see it as quite natural progression from introductory to more advanced.

For me it is very simple : it makes full sense because with the triangle you are starting from the three basic controls present on the camera : aperture, shutterspeed and ISO. Then you can explain

1) the effects of using a wide or small aperture and the constraints of DOF,

2) the effect of using a fast or slow shutterspeeds, the question of motion blurr and the constraints imposed to avoid camera shake and

3) finally ISO and its link with noise and the constraints it brings to the photographer. You can show how each factor of the triangle interacts with the other and how each picture has to be the best compromise between the effect you want and the constraints imposed by the light conditions and the gear you have at your disposal.

Once you have gone through these basic explanations, then you can introduce more subtle discussions on postprocessing and on the best way to deal with dynamical range, noise and sharpness and how what you can do and can't do in postprocessing could interact with the way you deal with the three parameters of the triangle at the time of shooting. This is way more advanced because not all cameras are the same (do you have an ISO less camera or not, how is your software processing noise, etc..) and not all will want/need to go that far.

I agree with Najinski : no need to start complicating things. We don't even need to start with a word like exposure.. Just start with what are the three basic control of a camera and how to use them to get the effect one wants. Then build up from there.

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