Canon is about to launch super small DSLR. Implications for next Oly E?

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Lets be honest.

This release for Canon is very interesting if not a master stroke . It shows that a APS-C can be shrunk down to a decent size. What is a mirror less camera other than a camera without a mirror. This gives one the advantage of making a smaller body and by changing the registration smaller lenses. OK now take the small (Shrunk down ) DSLR and lock the mirror up and you have a mirror less camera no. With the mount you also have a vast range of lenses available. From the UW to a 800mm. Then the thing that slipped in unnoticed in a lot of forums. The 40mm pancake this is a very good lens optically and quite small . This show that canon can make them small.

Canon will not be targeting the prime shooters with this camera they will be targeting the light weight zoom market ,the strollers and soccer moms , and current users who might want to hang it on a 800mm white tube if they so wanted to. So Canon makes a couple of small zooms and they have a camera that competes with the DSLR mirror less type cameras for the general public (weak of back and limp of wrist.)

Oh yes I will hear about the primes. This market (The vast percentage of camera owners) don't care about primes. ( let them eat cake says canon.) We also have a camera that will PDAF without the on sensor stuff etc (Which still does not work on any system properly even the Nikon which is restricted to a single point focus) . If this camera is real and the specs are correct and is released with small kit lenses than it is going to cause the mirror less market some major problems.

Whether that has any effect on 4/3 , I don't know. But what it will show is that you don't have to dump one line of camera to pursue an fickle user requirement. I have always said canon will cause major problems with their entry into the mirror less market . Their direct entry was a flop but they look like they are taking the approach of if we can't compete we will starve it to death.

Hopefully Olympus has had as much foresight as Canon.

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