Speeding Up Lightroom 4

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Re: Speeding Up Lightroom 4

I currently have LR4 installed on an Intel SSD and have my catalogue stored on a RAID 0 drive. Will I see much of a performance increase by setting up a RAM drive?

You'd gain substantially moving that catalog to an SSD. Having LR on it isn't worth much, but the catalog definitely wants to be there.

SSDs have latencies in the ballpark of 0.1 millseconds. While that's 40-150 times better than a mechanical hard drive (and striping it doesn't improve this), it's still pretty far behind DDR3 memory, which has latencies around 10 nanoseconds. So there is certainly potential gain here, but it comes down to how frequently the catalog is being accessed, and if existing memory caching is helpful.

And of course, should you have a system failure or panic before you write out the backup catalog elsewhere, you've lost recent changes.

If you enable the Write XMP option you don't need to worry too much about losing catalog updates.  Each photo is self contained and edits can be recovered.

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