Canon is about to launch super small DSLR. Implications for next Oly E?

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Re: You are spot on, Seth!

As long as Canon continues to produce DSLR's that require DSLR size lenses, regardless of body size and weight, the biggest advantage of micro four thirds will be out of their reach. DSLR camera bags aren't heavy primarily because of heavy, large camera bodies, but because of the size and amount of glass being toted around.

I'm sure Canon will sell a truckload of these cameras, because they are Canon, and if they do their marketing right they will convince a lot of people that they are getting into a much smaller, lighter set up.

But that fantasy with go up in smoke the first time the happy user is trying to maneuver that tiny body attached to the back end of a $2,200, 3+ lb. Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM lens. Especially if they happen to be standing next to some GH3 or E-M5 shooter with his $1,500, 12.7 oz. Panasonic 35-100mm f/2.8 lens.

I'm with you -- Olympus and Panasonic should be out clinking champagne glasses together over this news.

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This camera isn't to compete with mirrorless because that's what eos-m is for but I don't blame you guys for forgetting such a forgettable system, I suppose they are waiting for dslr sales to drop further before turning up the heat, who knows.

This new small rebel is just further shrinking for a camera that didn't need to be the size it was for the soccer moms and photog wannabes who never took off their kit lenses off anyway. The current rebel actually handles pretty well with pro lenses but barely anyone mounts one anyway so why not make it even smaller?

Canon seem to be trimming the fat off of many of their lines, the full frame 6d is pretty slim and petite for what it is - not the beast of a camera many people here would imagine it to be. I reckon many would think it was a mid-level cropped body before seeing the 6d label.

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