Time is running out for Samsung, Sony, and other mirrorless camera makers

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You didn't read my response at all. My complaint wasn't about individual lenses, or even Zeiss lenses - which are indeed excellent. It was about Sony's inability to create a complete lens lineup even after being handed a giant headstart through all off Minolta's lens intellectual property, as well as Sony's inability to just repair the Minolta lenses that they themselves were touting as a reason to use the A Mount.

And while Zeiss does indeed produce superior lenses, Minolta glass was also quite excellent. Several current Alpha lenses (such as the 70-200/2.8) are no more than re-badged Minolta designs that are unchanged a decade later. The existence of these rebadged lenses, however, simply reinforces my point about Sony's strange decisions about not taking more of these already designed lenses and producing them. Sony had already fully paid for the IP.

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May be they are smarter than you think.

If mirrorless is future, why would sony put effort to complete lens line up for Alpha mount?

Sony is slowly adding lenses into E mount, while keeping the alpha mount alive as much as possible. At this point they have more lenses in e mount compared to what canon and nikon have in their respective mirrorless mounts.

Once the mirrorless is major market, I am sure sony would concentrate fully.

Also in the end, even today there are enough lenses for Normal Joe to buy


If you want some specific lens that sony does not offer than you are not a normal buyer. Your needs does not apply to everyone.

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