Why use Pentax?

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A couple of the gents here agree - Re: Why use Pentax?

Jake64 wrote:

I am a Nikon user but I am far from a fanboy. My question is, why do people choose Pentax over big hitters like Nikon and Canon? I don't think I have ever seen anyone using a Pentax DSLR in person or in a photo. I have combed through dozens of photos of photographers but they all apper to be using Nikon and Canon products. I also looked into wedding and studio photographers. The ones that do mention what equipment they use, it is never Pentax. Is that initself the allure; that few use it and it feels more special?

I was using Pentax since 2006, however converted to Nikon last year. Conversion reasons were simple - me and my wife started to do professional photography where AF performance is critical, so we switched to Nikon pro gear: D3s and D700.

So, after shooting for one year with Nikon pro equipment (and episodically trying out D7000 and D90) I can say one thing: if we would stop doing commercial photography, we would sell Nikon gear and get Pentax again.

Reasons for this:

  • Supreme ergonomics and handling. This is the main Pentax strength for me. None of the cameras I've tried, are on the level of Pentax. Yes you read it right - I think that even Nikon D3s handling is worse than Pentax. Hyper Manual, Hyper Program modes are genius. Other little things are also are better thought out on Pentax, which makes Pentax equipment more convenient to use (for me at least).
  • User interface is better than Nikon. Especially picture review sceen.
  • Compactness. Two words - Limited primes. I prefer going out with a few small prime lenses than one huge zoom lens. Neither Nikon nor Canon do not offer enything like Pentax Limited prime lenses.
  • Better build quality than same price rivals.
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Looks like a couple of the gents from DPreview agree:

"...the K-5 - arguably the best APS-C DSLR currently on the market." Richard Butler, DPreview

..."personally I'd say that the K-5/K-7 design is one of the very best-handling DSLRs I've ever used - and that covers most of them." Andy Westlake, DPreview.com

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