D5100 user considering NEX-6

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Re: You don't say why you want to switch. So, I don't think you should.

I'm going to check out this r-strap - is it the one made by blackrapid? Also like the idea of the wrist strap.

I've done quite a bit more reading on the different inter changable lens mirrorless cameras, and I agree that the AF will be nothing like I am used to. What that translates into for me is a whole lot of blurry and out of focus shots and basically missing the moment I am trying to photograph. I am most likely going to wait for a new Fujifilm X-PRO type camera with better phase detection AF or perhaps a newer NEX from Sony with faster AF. I am certain these cameras will be vastly improved in the next 1-2 years at most and hopefully sooner. I don't want to pay the price for being an early adopter, there are plenty of people on sites like this for that, and I am grateful to them for trying out and reviewing the products.

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