The Best Portrait Lenses?

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Re: The Best Portrait Lenses?

Nikon 105mm 2.5 AI is probably the best, if you know how to use manual lens

There are others but these are my favorites. By far, I love the 105mm 2.5 ai. Really one of the best lens out there and very very underrated. At f/5.6 and with the correct distance between you and the subject and subject and the background, the results are simply stunning. I would never leave home without it if I knew I was going to shoot portraits. The 105mm 2.8 ais micro does a pretty damn good job as well. But there is something very special about the 2.5 ai version.

Do you have any experience with the 105 2.5 AIS? how does it compare? I thought the 105 F2.5 AI-S is great too.

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