D5100 user considering NEX-6

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Re: You don't say why you want to switch. So, I don't think you should.

My shooting interests are moving children, people/portraits, macro, landscape, street. My DSLR gets uses indoors and on vacation (last vacation I used the X100 and left the SLR stuff in the room, usually I carry the SLR with no more than 1 less on and it is usually the 35mm prime). There are some things I don't want to give up, like an OVF/EVF, reasonably fast AF and startup times, good IQ, and the ability to use quick/manual controls for aperture, shutter speed, ISO, dynamic range, exposure compensation, AF/MF. The smaller package and feel does really appeal to me more so than the Nikon SLR as I am more likely to be carrying my camera or more likely to use it without feeling like obtrusive in certain places/situations the way my SLR makes me feel sometimes. I don't like to draw eyes toward myself and look like a pro (thats what some people say!) and would rather just be inconspicuous.

I'm a pro who likes to do travel/street photography in my leisure time. I've also been looking at the NEX 6 and similar cameras strictly for the smaller size. But I've decided that I cannot give up the superior handling and other features of DSLRs that have been mentioned in this thread.

The D5100 is already a diminutive camera compared to a lot of DSLRs. I suggest trying an R Strap: it's the best thing that I've ever done for my travel photography. My gear is out of the way and out of sight so I am relatively inconspicuous. I can spend time with people and gain their trust before they even realize that I am carrying a camera. And since the R strap is so much faster to use than most straps, I can get a shot and return the camera to its resting place without anyone noticing that I have taken a picture. (And my camera/lenses are larger than your D5100 with a kit lens.)

I like the R Strap with the tiny pocket that holds two memory cards. I can shoot all day with a 12-24 Tokina and my 35-70 Nikkor and hardly notice the camera. (I don't carry a camera bag; I use a tiny unpadded fanny pack and/or an equally tiny unpadded ergonomic cross-shoulder bag. I've discovered that I take more pics with more keepers in a lot less time, leaving more time for enjoying my surroundings and companion(s) if I'm not alone.

With a thirty-day money back guarantee you can give it a good work-out and see if it works for you without risking any money if it doesn't suit you. At around $50 the R Strap may wind up addressing some of your concerns and for a lot less $$$ than a new camera system.

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