Pana is rumored to plan CFF (compact full frame) for post M43

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Re: Pana is rumored to plan CFF (compact full frame) for post M43

35 seems to be the eternal format.

35 is the standard in both photography and also cinema. Both formats are now attempting to recreate 35 in the digital form as well. With photography being ahead of film for a while now.

keep in mind every time we look at a lens, we'd have to say what the lens mm is in 35 format. for example this is 20mm in MFT but really 40mm in 35mm.

35mm is THE format.

Trevor Carpenter wrote:

A couple of questions

As full frame is a term based upon 35mm cameras does that mean that 35mm was the perfect media. What would full frame be if there had never been 35mm?

If you could achieve the same, results, (which to most people they can), with a smaller ergonomically friendly body would you really want a big weighty camera.

I've just spent 5 days on the tourist trail in Berlin with my G5 and it was a joy to have with me.I probably will never want anything larger.(I don't particularly want anything smaller either).

35 MM is a MYTH. It is no more the ideal size than m4/3, medium format, 1", or any other sensor size. It is not THE format based on merit of any kind- it is merely the de facto format, clung to by brands like Canon and Nikon who benefit most from clinging to the past- if nothing changes, their leadership in the camera industry remains unchanged. For those brands, old is good, and 35mm is old.

Right now, 35mm does have technical advantages over m4/3, but sensor tech will inevitably improve, and those advantages will matter less and less. Ultimately, the only difference that may remain constant is DOF. Some prefer the thin DOF offered by full frame, but others actually prefer wider DOF, and for them, m4/3 will always be better in that respect.

As time marches on and sensor tech advances, it is the SMALLER format that will become more accepted as being good enough by a wider range of users, not the larger. At one point, 35mm WAS the smaller format. Now, we have progressed. 35 mm is the older, larger format. So where do we stand?

Watch out, old schoolers- m4/3, 1", and other micro formats are the new kids on the block, and they mean business!

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