macbook pro with retina?

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Re: macbook pro with retina?

If you want it because of the retina then go for it!

The screen is simply amazing. No Windows laptop comes even close... I got mine 2 months ago, and Im still amazed looking at it

Was doing a lot of research before I got it, because I really wanted to avoid buying a mac. But in the end I did the right thing. However, Im still struggling a bit with the OSX... some things are really not that good. For example, why the hell dont they have a "del" button (have to use Fn+backspace..this irritates me incredibly..), when you have multiple applications with multiple instances of various documents open, it becomes a horrible mess (WIN is much more organized) and many, many annoying little things. Hope I will get over them soon

OS X's Mission Control does a wonderful job of keeping all your opened windows organized. It's just a F3 keystroke away.

Despite the somehow not-as-fabulous-as-they-say OSX, Im really happy that I got it

I too have recently (February 2013) purchased a 15-inch rMBP and am quite thrilled with it. The Retina display has brought out details in my photos I didn't know were there. It's certainly different than my old Windows XP PC. But with Pogue's Missing Manual book I'm coming up to speed at a reasonable pace. There are times when using the old PC that now it seems to be the the strange one. The PC's track pad does only one thing - move the cursor. The Mac does so many other things on the trackpad that the one on the PC seems like stone-age technology. Sometimes I prefer using a USB 2 mouse with the Mac. But most of the time the trackpad is more convenient and useful. Getting used to the different key combinations needed to do old familiar Windows tasks has not been a problem.

I'm using Parallels with Windows 7 to run some old programs (Word, Excel, etc.) that I don't want to leave behind (or pay for Mac versions). I'm also discovering that OS X is very deep. There are so many things it can do, that I have to just take it slow and learn one task at a time. Many features of OS X I'll likely never use. But that was true for Windows as well. The speed and power of the Mac versus my six year old laptop is refreshing.

Like others have mentioned, the PC vs Mac debate will probably go on for a long time. Before, I've always thrown up my mental blinders when anyone said they prefer Macs. But once getting over that prejudice, I'm finding the Mac to be to my liking. I would be surprised if I ever buy another PC. That's my opinion for what its worth.

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