Rumor: X-Pro1 being discontinued

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Re: Rumor: X-Pro1 being discontinued

I am not finding this rumor surprising at all. On one hand, they sell XE1 which for uninitiated is hard to differentiate from Xpro1. On the other hand, X100s offers a new gen sensor and features. On the third hand, they probably got a letter from Sony saying that the sensor production is being discontinued.

Where is your proof that Sony has anything to do with the design or manufacturing of the X-trans sensor? I've seen interviews with people from Fuji who, when that question is asked, state the sensor is designed by Fuji in house. If it's produced at a Sony chip plant, so be it. It's done under license and most surely with a confidentiality agreement where Sony can't use, copy or steal Fuji's intelectual or patented property. Can you say Apple and Samsung?

I can just take the easy road and demand that you supply the proof that Xtrans sensor is not manufactured by Sony. But seriously, with Fujifilm being so opaque about the sensor (notice the semantics - designed vs. manufactured) you or I can claim whatever we want, it's not going to make it any clearer without specific/insider information. Remember, this is a speculative internet forum post about a rumour, of all things. If I was to state something I know for a fact I would present it as a fact, not as a joke (I thought the "third hand" was a dead giveaway but clearly not).
As for Apple, they are known for locking in their suppliers in long-term contracts. They also buy a ton of gear. Fuji is not a small company but combined shipments of X-trans sensors are likely dwarfed by other systems. Before you start with the demands for proof about that too - no, this a speculation as well, based on anecdotal evidence and fairly rare sightings of Fuji cameras in the wild.

I still think that releasing XE1 was a dumb move, but that besides the point - I just hope that Xpro2 is going to be more than X100s with interchangeable lenses.

And what would be so bad with the Xpro-1 or XE-1 if they added the features from the X100s upgrade (phase detection, improved AF, upgraded sensor, etc) and left the rest pretty much as is. Is the 16.3 MP Xtrans that horrible a sensor that we really need 24MP? The megapixel/resolution war is totally overblown.

Megapixel/resolution issues are not overblown and are absolutely relevant for anyone who does photography for living. Full stop. 
If you are willing to debate this point then you lost me right here. There's basically nothing left to discuss.

As for the other issues: 
First, I like Fuji products - I bought them and I used them professionally for over a decade. I am fully invested in X system with Xpro1 body and a full complement of prime lenses. (By the way, based on the last paragraph of your reply you sound as someone who is "still waiting to commit". Correct me if I am wrong - no slight intended).
And so I am very interested to see X camera ecosystem thrive and gain market share, if for no other reason but maximizing my existing investment and planning future ones.
Releasing a camera that merely fixes glaring design mistakes in the existing model is NOT a step forward, not given the pace at which competition moves.
This means - yes, please - more megapixels, faster autofocus, brilliant video features and so on. Whatever it takes from becoming an irrelevant curiosity.

And the video... well, never mind. Just reread what you wrote and hang your head in shame... can it be any more apologist?

best regards,

What would make me upgrade? That's pretty easy - same great ergonomics and color processing, much improved AF, 24MP xtrans, proper support for manual lenses and a movie mode that does not suck.

Ok, I'd say the phase detection could greatly improve the AF speed but that also depends on the focus motors that are in the lenses (just like with any SLR manufacturer). Why do we need 24MP Xtrans? You may as well forget using most 3rd party legacy lenses (other than Leica or Zeiss) at that point since a 24MP sensor will more than likely show the resolving deficiencies of older (Canon, Nikkor, Rokkor, Olympus, Pentax and any other old MF lens or even newer AF lens you could slap on with some 3rd party adapter. If Fuji really wanted people using old or new lenses made by someone else with a completely different mount they would make their own adapters. Currently they make one, for the Leica M mount. Maybe Fuji feels that these are the only lenses that they actually see as being worth using on their camera in addition to their own. After all, I don't see Canon making a Nikon adapter or vice versa. It's quite rare that a manufacturer would actually design and build their own adapter to use another brand of lens that doesn't have their mount to start with. Fuji did though for the M mount. All these other adapters are made by 3rd party companies and only offer partial functionality of the lens to be mounted. That is except for the Fuji made Leica mount which contains contacts for all needed electronics. I don't think anyone in Fuji's marketing department is saying lets hope everyone uses all kinds of other lenses on our cameras so they don't buy ours.

As far as video is concerned, no one has ever claimed this camera was designed for video. This is a photographer's still camera with video as an option. Yeah, more and more people are shooting video on their cameras and sure Leica added video functions to the new M240 but you tell me how many people are buying a Leica to shoot video. Probably the same number who are buying the Fuji to shoot video.

For me, I'll gladly take an Xpro-whatever with the upgrades just put in the X100s. Then I'll pick up the 35 f1.4 and 56 f1.4 and combined with the X100s have a fantastic and small street and travel photography kit. My 40 pound Canon laden Think Tank backpack will sit on the shelf until I have a sports shoot.


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