Really like the almost-3D look of RX1 images

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Re: Really like the almost-3D look of RX1 images
In my friend's case, when I ask to take semi-posed photos with a what looks like a P&S, she's probably thinks 'what kind of idiot is this?'. But when she was that I also had a 'real camera',

So when your friend sees you pull out the big one, does her attitude change or she becomes more tense in posing when she sees how big it is? Or makes her think she is in front of a "professional " photographer?

Or just the opposite reaction when you pull out the smaller RX1 and she becomes more relaxed when she sees it? Maybe not so intimidating because it is smaller?

Thank you for posting and looking forward to more pics of your friend shot with the little RX1.


Well, I was careful to tell her photography was only a 'hobby' of mine, but I think maybe she thought that I was a joke when I initially suggested taking some shots of her using what looked to be a P&S. Like a guy who claims to be a decent guitarist then pulls out a ukelele

I think that when she saw that I also had a 'real camera', she relaxed more ... there are probably advantages to having a big impressive-looking camera when you're doing semi-posed shots like this (or real professional work, like weddings, where people have expectations about what a 'real camera' looks like).

I should also mention that, some years back, she used to make money while at university doing modeling for photographers. So she's used to seeing big cameras, lighting systems, reflectors, etc. And I was just some guy with a palm-sized camera and the sun.

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