I found problem with lens adapters

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Re: I found problem with lens adapters

If you read my original post, I did not suggest that most people would want to do what I did. I mainly pointed out that I had received two adapters with a similar problem, and that if alignment was critical for your work you needed to be aware. I mentioned that I did not know if the adapter could be returned for a properly made adapter, although I have my doubts.

The tools required are not that unusual, a drill press, a twist drill of the correct size, a small countersink, and the tap. However, a 0-80 hole is NOT the place to begin to learn to do this work. If you don't have a little experience with this kind of work it is almost certain you will break the tiny tap and likely have a bigger problem.

If anyone wants the detailed description of what I did please PM me.

As far as the quality of the adapter, I agree there is no excuse for this error as the cost to set up a drill jig properly would be very small.

One thing to remember about Chinese manufacturing is that they can make quality products (own an iPhone?) but that they will make the quality the buyer requests. If the buyer requests a product that is "more or less OK" for the minimum possible price, that is what they will receive. These adapters are an example.

It is a culture that most of us have not truly experienced, although that may change in the future. The socialist-communist state of the past has made the extremely small changes needed to become a fascist state, and that is what we are dealing with today.


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