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Re: Windows 8 still lags Vista

CAcreeks wrote:

Here are the February 2013 market share statistics gathered by Net Applications:

  • 45% Windows 7
  • 39% Windows XP
  • 6.5% Mac OS X (6 7 8)
  • 5.2% Vista
  • 2.7% Windows 8
  • 2.1% Other including Linux

Well, Win 8 has already bigger market share than Mac OS X 10.8 so the real loser is Mac OS X.

True, but we have an even bigger loser:

Report: Chromebook Lands with a Thud  -- Looks like anecdotes about Chromebook's successes are just that: anecdote

And don’t get too excited about that 1 percent share. When compared with the total market for PCs, it’s even less, at under 0.6 percent, based on recent data from IDC. (Notebooks represented about 58 percent of PC sales in 2012.) And when compared with the actual devices it competes with—PCs and tablets—well ... Let’s just say we shouldn’t even be discussing Chromebook as a viable alternative at all. (OK, what the heck. It’s a bit over 0.1 percent. That’s one-tenth of one percent.)

Even Microsoft’s Surface efforts have been far more successful than the Chromebook: Microsoft has sold 1.1 million Surface RT tablets so far, and it sold 400,000 Surface Pro units in one month alone."

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