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Brian Miller
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Re: Brian Miller - huh?
It seems that Brian is making the point that those who dislike W8 are stuck in the past, need to move on etc. He may be right but I don't think so. I'm personally fine with new touch screen devices as long as I'm using a touch screen device.

Windows 8 works fine without a touchscreen, but it's even sweeter with one (not talking large desktop monitors here).

Oly, since you are one who has been telling us there is no need to upgrade to Win8 for Desktop users, you might be interested in this article:

"We’re so consumed by negative reports and bad news about Windows 8 these days that I thought I’d take a step back and remind you about an inconvenient truth: The improvements Microsoft made just to the desktop environment in this release make Windows 8 upgrade a bigger improvement over Windows 7 than that OS was over its own predecessor, Windows Vista."

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