Time is running out for Samsung, Sony, and other mirrorless camera makers

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Thom obviously hasn't looked at the lens range available for the Nex now for a while plus there is some nice new glass close to release. mft is going just fine and is establishing itself as the small bodied system camera. Let's see how a small dslr handles movies, an increasingly important aspect of these cameras. Canon's previous mirrorless has been a flop and their larger sensor/small bodied cameras have been completely outperformed by the Sony RX100 and RX1

here’s Canon’s new image sensor. Is it destined for digital cinema cameras?

The press release in full from Canon

TOKYO, March 4, 2013—Canon Inc. announced today that the company has successfully developed a high-sensitivity 35 mm full-frame CMOS sensor exclusively for video recording. Delivering high-sensitivity, low-noise imaging performance, the new Canon 35 mm CMOS sensor*1 enables the capture of Full HD video even in exceptionally low-light environments.


The sensor isn't the problem for small dslr movies. The problem is that mirror and mirror assembly that has to be between the lens and the sensor

Please explain.

Just because the EOS-M was a bad beginning, I think it would be foolish to underestimate Canon.

I wouldn't underestimate them, they just haven't shown anything as yet. The running is all being made by other companies. Bit by bit, this starts to erode the company image. In another thread here, there is a post on a Canon rumor. Canon senior exec claims that the future is all FF. I find that rumor credible. Check recent Canon APS-C releases? They seem to be falling behind in everything except FF. If I was a Canon exec I'd be trying very hard to convince people (and maybe myself) of the truth of this as well.

Nikon has also been trying to get APS-C users to switch to FF. Imo, both companies are trying to capitalize on the decline in FF sensor price to get users to switch to their higher profit margin FF cameras.

A lot of cameras are sold on ego., ie, the identification that some owners get by having a particular brand around their neck, rather than the actual performance of the gear.We can expect lots of sales to continue to be made on this basis, but bit by bit other brands are encroaching.

True, and the the fact that other brands are threatening Canikon means they will do everything possible to defend their dominance. I agree with Thom that mFT is in the best position to compete against the big two. I also agree with his assessment that the other mirrorless companies have more to be worried about.

As far as egos are concerned, it seems that many people here want to see Canikon fail no matter how good their new cameras are.

Not so much (on my part anyway) wanting them to fail, just commenting on the cameras they are producing. And I would exempt Nikon who continue to produce interesting and innovative cameras across their range.

I used Nikon exclusively before switching to mFT and have never cared for Canon cameras.  I agree that Nikon has been more innovative and it has shown in their ability to get closer to Canon in market share. However, Canon is still leading the pack and their camera division remains profitable.

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