Why use Pentax?

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Re: Why use Pentax?

I know why I'm a Nikon user. It's called shopping around for a dslr for a couple of months and realizing that it doesn't really matter what you use. Then after this realization, I found someone selling a D5100 with 18-55 and 55-200 lenses with a memory card and a bag. Price? $500. Camera had 750 shutter count. Just how can you say no to that? I'm capable as an amateur photographer but I'm not a semi pro or pro but I know many people around here are.

Don't let anyone here get to you. A very good friend of mine migrated to your exact system as his first dSLR based on my recommendation of the camera because I felt that it gave him the best potential IQ and options to expand for the price. Even though he's technically inclined, he is finding the camera overwhelming. I suspect he isn't all that impressed with the feel, either. Perhaps you got the good deal on your kit for the very same reasons. I have nothing much against the big two (I have Canon as my back up system because of the nice long glass, excellent AF, and slightly better flash system). If I was a pro specializing in wedding and events, I'd be in Nikon without question because it has the only truly competent pre-flash based TTL available.

As the OP, you have stated very well the appeal of Pentax. If you aren't shooting sports (fast action in general) which is Canon's domain, or rely heavily on flash for a living (Nikon), I feel pretty strongly that Pentax has the best overall package at an excellent price. The flash problem has pretty easy workarounds as long as you aren't to heavily relying on multi-flash (and even then you really can do perfectly well without TTL if you are willing to learn).

While the K30 competes directly with the D5100, if you make the switch you'll make so much profit off the Nikon sale you should seriously consider the K5 (or newer versions) as an appropriate upgrade; if nothing else the K30 battery capacity sucks. If you go the kit route, be sure to opt for the 55-300 as the 50-200 just plain isn't very good. I'd also strongly recommend the 16-45 over the 18-55 if you decide to do the dual kit zoom route. Primes are also good, but might not be in your budget initially.

As always, if in doubt based on a specific budget you should put greater emphasis on quality lenses than quantity or particular camera model. Your lenses are a more permanent part of the kit (unless of course you end up with a poor IQ lens).

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