The images from the RX1 give me chills...I want one!!

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Re: The images from the RX1 give me chills...I want one!!

salla30 wrote:

The trick with the RX1 is that you should never hold it. 'Cos if you hold one, and shoot just a few test shots with one, you'll want one. I let the nasty salesman put the RX1 in my hands, and now the camera has 'imprinted' itself on me, like wolf babies do. No camera has ever inspired such immediate feelings of lust in me. Don't touch it. Look at it, but don't touch it.

LOL, no really... LOL!

You know my mind! It was the same with the NEX 5n AND the RX100 for me. I touched them and was cursed

Have you taken the plunge and sold your soul for one yet?

Haha. Not yet. But I have asked myself the question, What would I have to sell, equipment-wise, to get one of these?

Yep! I don't have much, only nex 5n and rx100 , and an old DX40, no lenses, etc. I think it's interesting to consider, at what price would i actually get out there and lay the money down. Personally I would need to slip it under the wife radar or sell the NEX5 to justify "another camera" , i guess around 1000 usd would be my mental price point, to be able to justify it over paying for family stuff like food and heating and diesel, lol.

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