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Brian Miller
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Re: Brian Miller - huh?

Brian, if you have time, could you explain your cheese remark?

Spencer Johnson (1998) classic on personal and organization change:

Who moved my cheese (who moved my start button?) is about people's resistance to change.

Also what is Win-D? Bing search does not find it.

Yeah, what's with Bing and MS products?

Win-Desktop. The Win key works to toggle back and forth between Start and Desktop, but only after you've visited your Desktop once.  I love it that they made ESC  Escape to Desktop for those feeling trapped in Modern.  What could be more obvious?

I guess the part about swiping with your nose is a joke. (?)

Yeah, I used nose because switching to Desktop is in right in front of our noses, but you could just as easily use any other bodily appendage ...

Interesting about IE10 in Metro/Modern ...

yeah, I was surprised after all these years of ignoring Internet Exploder to find I like it (at least on my Surface) better than FF and way better than Chrome.

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