Canon is about to launch super small DSLR. Implications for next Oly E?

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This all but guarantees that Canon won't compete...

.... in the mirrorless market. At least that's how I read it. Specs were leaked on Best Buy web sight and many rumor sites, so I think EOS-b is a pretty sure thing.

Some folks are wondering if this new super small Canon DSLR spells doom for mirrorless cameras. I presume they think the only selling point for mirrorless is the size of the cameras. This sums it up very clearly to me--Canon will not complete in the mirrorless market and will try to sell this as something new. They will market it the small size of the camera, on the huge lens catalog (even if most camera lens combinations are just silly), and maybe the smallest camera with an OVF. But it's just a smaller trimmed down Rebel and that's it. Olympus already tried this route with the E-4xx.

The EOS-b will have lots of monstrously large lenses to negate any size advantage that the body brings. Mirrorless cameras with their lenses are much smaller systems all together. They are better for video and live view than DSLRs, better for legacy lenses, better for HD video. The EVFs are improving in leaps and bounds.

Olympus, Panasonic, Sony, and Fuji should be doing a happy dance right now imo. As far as Olympus DSLRs go, 4/3rds and E-system don't really compete with super small DSLRs any more. The E-4xx series has been replaced by mirrorless. The current and next OM-D is Olympus' answer to the EOS-b.



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