Get over it: D800 Focus QC, mass hysteria, and bad photographers

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Re: I also have several decent lenses.

I'm not saying Nikon is right and you're wrong. I'm saying you don't throw up your hands in anguish because a feature doesn't work as well as it might. You ignore it and keep creating compelling images.

There are just too many choices of cameras that work. They all can create compelling images

You're absolutely correct, there are many choices, and the D800 is one of the best. Thanks for pointing that out.

No camera can produce compelling images and that's the point I am making. None at all. A good photographer can create compelling images with most any camera. That's the problem I'm seeing with all the whining about the focus points. People somehow want to believe the camera is more than just a tool that sometimes isn't perfect. They believe the camera ought to make great photographs

That was my point as well

Some cameras, like the D800, just make the job a whole lot easier. Ruminating over not being able to autofocus as accurately with one focus point or another will absolutely without at doubt not contribute one iota to the creation of good substancial images. All it makes for is a great excuse for not trying.

If you have to have it fixed before attempting great compositions, go ahead and send it to Nikon for repair. Not a problem. It's really quite easy to do.

I would suggest to anybody who determines they have an apparent focus defect to just return the camera for exchange or refund. Why anybody would accept a broken 3000.00 camera from a multinational corporation and start sending it off for repair is beyond me .

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Cheers, Craig
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