Time is running out for Samsung, Sony, and other mirrorless camera makers

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Re: Think again

I don't think you get it. Trust me, as a long time Alpha owner the Alpha lens line up is lacking. It sucks having to gamble on ebay to find a slow focusing, used 85mm lens, while Canon offers a nice F/1.8 for under $370. The Zeiss options don't help much unless you like over paying too.

Or you could go with a fast focussing ∑85/1.4?

Slowly. The best Sony mirrorless lenses seem to be made or designed by someone else.

Sigma, and to a lesser degree Samyang and Tamron are making E mount lenses. I'm not sure I agree that they are the best (as in "better than Sony"), but Sony certainly has some lemons in there and Sigma (et al) have some gems. Add an adapter and you can use any A mount lens, add a different adapter and you can use almost any lens ever made for any mount-- and the more recent adapters are including aperture and AF.

Can you use M43 lenses?

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