Time is running out for Samsung, Sony, and other mirrorless camera makers

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Re: Time is running out for Samsung, Sony, and other mirrorless camera makers

APS-C cameras can be made very small as Sony has shown, but their lenses are impossible to make small. Except for a couple of collapsible lenses with average optical quality, Sony's lenses are all fairly large. Zeiss made some beautiful lenses for it but they are huge in comparison to the top quality M43 lenses. Canon is going down a parallel path as Sony, with a bulkier but more ergonomic body but the same big lenses. My guess is that it will be more successful, simply because there are so many Canon EF lens owners but its success will be limited for the same reason that there won't be not many native lenses and lenses of very good quality. A limited success is still significant however. It is reasonable to assume that Sony will be squeezed harder than the other makers as pointed out.

It has been said many times already, but still worth saying again as a reminder. There are laws of physics determining the size, quality and functionality achievable for a camera (with lens) that is easy to carry, use and take good pictures using the human hand. M43 has chosen the best path and has the optimal balance in the dimensions, quality... And with the lead its has, the maturity in mirrorless design and the range of lenses, it is set to grab a much larger share of the market when change comes. That has not happened as yet mainly due to Canikon owners still waiting to see what their brand can do to provide a smaller mirrorless camera, and due to US consumers being slow to change, but there is no doubt in my mind they too will see the point of a smaller camera now that sensor technology can provide adequate quality in small sensors. And sensors will get even better in the years ahead. The mentality about DSLRs being necessary for quality is taking its time to change.

Thom made some good points, but I think that by using APS-C for its mirrorless cameras, Canon like others have made a fundamental mistake that will stunt its growth in future, although it is an easier path to take at this time. I think that M43 is just waiting to break out for big time but needs to reach the tipping point at this time, that's all. With Canon and Nikon taking their respective paths for mirrorless products, M43 should be safe and can only become more successful.

The difference in lens size is well known, but I think those of us here may overestimate the extent to when the average ILC user cares about this. In fact, given the popularity of the GH-1/2 with the one pound 14-140, as well as the fact that many people prefer the larger size and weight of the GH-3 to the OM-D, it would appear that many mFT users don't have a problem with a camera whose size and weight is similar to that of the EOS-B. The Canon 18-55 weighs 7.4 oz--combine that with a small and lightweight dSLR and many people will go with the Canon name, optical VF and PDAF.

I hope you are right about mFT being close to breaking out. Imo, soccer moms and other inexpensive dSLR users won't move to mFT until CDAF is as good as PDAF.

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