A Cautionary tale for anyone Using Warranty Service from Olympus USA

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OMG!!! Re: A Cautionary tale for anyone Using Warranty Service from Olympus USA

I just got my E-M5 body back from warranty service. The LCD panel is shattered and the camera top plate is broken and no longer attached to the rest of the camera body. The packaging is severely damaged and was taped back together some time during shipping. The camera was packaged in a single layer of bubble wrap surrounded by crumpled brown paper. Not much protection for a high dollar camera body. It was not marked as fragile or as electronics or in any other way as to warn of the need for careful handling.

Between poor shipping by UPS and poor packaging by Olympus service my camera body was destroyed. There is no indication that the package was even insured for shipping. Hopefully Olympus will make this right but the point here is that they did an inadequate job in the first place. I hope they see this posting. I will certainly send them pictures and my thoughts on the matter as well. Fortunately my E-P2 continues to function faithfully.

This is bad business folks.

That is unbelievable, I am lost for words!!!

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