I'm Staying Married to Olympus!!

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I may divorce my E-5...

Just to counteract all of the "guess what, I'm leaving Olympus" posts as of late, here's my post stating that I will not be divorcing Olympus.

I love my E-30, E-1, and lenses!

The E-1 is still the bomb; better photos than a lot of new gear (IMHO) and the E-30 is more than I even need. I recently had a 24 by 36 metal print made from an E-30 file... awesome! People love it, and no one has said "gee, isn't that print from just a 12 megapixel camera... and, ughh, an Olympus at that... I think I just threw up a little when I said that..."

So, in closing, I truly dig my Oly gear... I look forward to their next offering, whatever it may be... and, for now, I don't even need a new camera anyway.

...for younger and sexier E-7, but it's kind of staying in the family, right?  Great camera, great lenses, and next iteration will be even better. I have no frikin idea what's with all the bitter whining.  Or with this incredible gear angst during time of unprecedented choices available. Anyone who can't get a great IQ with just about any camera released in last years should seriously look at something other than camera quality.

Printing up to 24 x 36 with occasional bigger ones, got three photobooks published, one of them commissioned after client has seen first two, four calendars, a whole lot of stock photos, prints for corporate clients and local visitor guide, and guess what... "Pfft, that's obviously Olympus file, too poor IQ for it to be anything else" said no one ever.

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