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Hi again,

Well now I don't think it's my Sekonic L-358.I thought I had misplaced my Minolta Auto meter 3 F but I found it. So I set both meters with the same exact settings side by side in controlled conditions and took an ambient and a flash reading and they were only 1/10th off from each other. This may sound strange but it could be that my perception of the exposure from the meters is off.I posted a pick in this forum which I think it is pretty close to right on and I underexposed it from the L-358 reading. So I'm leaning towards the D3 or me.

It could be a difference in the metering pattern used by Nikon.

The two hand meters use an averaging system(thus the term ambient metering)

Modern DSLRs use a matrix system; and Nikon further refines that with consideration of color values.

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