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Re: iPad mini as RAW backup

So I am getting ready to leave on a 5-month trip

How big are your files and how many do you anticipate shooting? I'm routinely carrying 8GB/16GB cards now. If I bought the largest available iPad mini (64GB), it looks like I would be able to offload my 16GB card no more than 2 or maybe 3 times before it's full. That is not nearly enough space for a 5-month trip. And if I want to carry a useful amount of photo-editing and other apps, movies, and music to entertain me over a 5-month trip, those files would reduce the amount of space available for photos after the OS and default apps are included.

Please don't suggest I purchase a Macbook Air, there is a reason why I want the iPad Mini, small size and weight.

OK. Then try one of these instead:


For half the price of an iPad mini, the 120GB version stores twice as much photo data, will not be subject to disk space competition by other apps, and unlike the way Apple has consciously obstructed professional photo workflows with the iPad mini, this device was actually designed to be photographer-friendly.

The one that costs about the same as an iPad mini stores almost ten times what the mini can.

Or you can just get a MacBook Air and run real apps, avoid all potential photo complications stemming from iOS, and have an amount of storage more appropriate for a 5-month trip than the mini.

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