Get over it: D800 Focus QC, mass hysteria, and bad photographers

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Re: I also have several decent lenses.

I understand your point. The point the OP is making is not there there wasn't or isn't a problem but that there are simple workarounds. What if you're using a D40 with only 3 focus points? Are you stuck? If you can't trust or don't want to trust the left focus points, don't use them. What did you do prior to autofocus? Again, I'm not saying Nikon is right and you're wrong. I'm saying you don't throw up your hands in anguish because a feature doesn't work as well as it might. You ignore it and keep creating compelling images.

There are just too many choices of cameras that work. They all can create compelling images

As the OP said, the D800 is a wonderful camera in most respects. It's the best I've owned. If I have to use it a little differently, so be it. If it becomes too annoying for me, I'll send it to Nikon for repair. So far, that point isn't even close.

At two this afternoon on the way back from lunch, my boss called me and said a joint client needed a shot for a magazine article in one hour. He wanted a particular male model with phone operator mic on. All I had in my truck without going back to the office was my D800 and an old 80-200 f/2.8. I didn't even have a strobe. I got to the clients about the same time as the model and finished in minutes with no worries about left focus points. The camera came through just fine. Job done and attaboys from the boss. No steppng back to focus. The D800 is a wonderful tool. You just have to know how to use it and it might be different from your D700. Who knows? The autofocus feature is a helpful tool is all. You don't blindly rely 100% on any feature.

Take care.

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Cheers, Craig
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