Nex-6, Nex-7, Fuji X100s, or Ex-1?

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Re: Nex-6, Nex-7, Fuji X100s, or Ex-1?

I have Sony RX100, Nex 6, Fuji XE1 with 18-55 and 35 F1.4 and Nikon D800E with several Nikon lenses.

For widefield astrophotograhy nightscapes nothing beats a good full frame camera and D800E of course is king.

XE1 is surprisingly good and its not ar behind. Perhaps with a Metabones Speed Booster it may be much the same. The XE1 has terrific low light high ISO low noise performance. Similar to my D800E which is superb.

Nex 6 is new to me so can't comment except on menus and build quality. Build quality seems high, tilt screen is very handy, menus are poor but useable.

Fuji menus are self evident much like Canon/Nikon menu system. The various shooting modes are hidden in settings though on the XE1 and that is a pain at times for me but I am slowly getting used to that. Build quality is fabulous and the camera looks great and feels great to use. Lenses are superb and better than comparable Nikon/Canon at 1/3rd the price. AF is good now after the latest firmware updates and RAW conversion seems solved with the latest Lightroom version.

So Fuji offer a very compelling camera in both XE1 and I am sure X100s will be great.

Colours in Fuji are the best of anyone. But video is poor. RX100 video I find superb. RX100 is also very sharp and has good IQ. Resolution of RX100 on a bright day beats the XE1 with zoom but not the superb 35mm F1.4 lens which is perhaps the highest quality lens I own.

So yeah tough choice. For me I want low light low noise high IO performance so Nex 6 or XE1 are those choices.

I got the Nex 6 to modify it for astro/IR work and also for the time lapse app. Sony has a lot going for it. Lens choices for both Fuji and Sony seem limited but Sony has more available. I am not sure if they are all in the same league as Fuji though. Certainly the Fuji 18-55 is a far more substantial lens than Sony 16-50 but I can't comment on it yet as I haven't really used it.


I believe that we are in agreement Greg, but just to clarify:

The discussion so far has included the Fuji X100s but not the older X100 you just mentioned. The X100s is a very different camera having some major changes, which may put it ahead of the other choices, IMHO.

The XE-1 as I said, is still a bit slow to AF, and as you said, is not great for videos. Having said that, there is still the overheating issue for some of the NEX models, when making videos. Possibly including the NEX_6?


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