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Re: XE1 vs. NEX


+ Very best high ISO performance-- very low noise, really impressive. Is really hard to make noisy photos with the fuji- even ISO 6400 is very good. I'm thrilled with this aspect of the sensor.

+ All the Fuji lenses are very good, and if you want a good kit lens, the 18-55 is excellent. They have 14mm, 18mm, 35mm, 65mm primes that are native meaning the autofocus and aperture works with the system. And every one of those lenses is very good, and a couple are even excellent- in the same league as Leica/Zeiss.

+ This is subjective, but generally people really like the X-E1 controls and handling. If you pick one up and use it, you'll know what I mean, particularly if you learned to shoot on a 35mm camera with manual controls in the good old days.

- I haven't had any issues, but the reputation of the X-E1 AF is mediocre. I use my DSLR for sports/wildlife and in regular use I have had no issue with the Fuji.

- RAW processing has gotten much better with LR 4.4, but there is still work to do. With LR 4.4, in my opinion, the XE-1 sensor performs on par in terms of resolution as the NEX 16MP sensor.


+ Very best resolution and overall the best sensor I think based on well supported RAW processing, and good predictable color

+ Better AF performance, and more features

+ Slightly smaller than the XE-1 body

- Many lenses are available, but the native Sony lenses are not that good with a couple of exceptions. If you want a good kit/walk around lens, their 18-55 is very very poor.

- Menu laden control set-up, for some people not as good on controls/handling

For me, it really came down to the lenses and the handling, so I got the Fuji. But sometimes l look at the NEX-7 forums and when used with manual focus Voitlander, Leica, Zeiss etc... lenses some folks can get superior results with the NEX-7i, but depending on how you like to shoot (ie. are you willing to work with manual lenses and carry a bag full of primes all the time) you may not like it.

I would strongly question the AF performance of the NEX-7. I don't think its superior. It just cannot accurately lock in low light but it thinks it has. In good light it's about the same as the X-E1 with the 14, 18 or 18-55 mounted (e.g. quickish but not as quick as a M43s camera). Also, the Sony has its own issues - the DR extension mode renders RAWs unusable and you cannot use it with native and non-native WA lenses without magenta cast.

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