Photography Blog: Nikon Coolpix A Samples!

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Re: Photography Blog: Nikon Coolpix A Samples!

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Thanks for the link. I have had a look at some of the pictures, the JPEG files. My impression as follows.

The detail is good. Images don't look overly sharp but clarity is good. Colours lean slightly to the cooler side of things if compared to the richer and more saturated colours of say the Fuji X100S. The Fuji colours look more pleasant whilst the colours of the Nikon look more natural, a matter of preference which would look "better".

From some of the low light shots taken at >ISO1600, the large APS-C sensor surely made its presence felt here. Good clarity and detail, an overall sharp image with low noise. In one ISO5600 image like the one below, the noise is pretty much suppressed.

ISO5600 - good clarity and detail if you look at the granite/marble top and the fittings. Noise pretty much suppressed.

In another low light shot in this picture below taken at ISO1600, the IQ is quite remarkable. I guess we can't achieve the same level of clarity and detail from compacts with smaller sensors, say the Fuji X20.

Another low light shot, ISO1600. Excellent clarity and detail with very low noise. The APS-C sensor is certainly making its presence felt here.

Some pictures taken in daylight which I think were good but not exceptionally outstanding. Cool and natural colours, not overly rich or saturated, good clarity and detail but not overly sharp. All in all, I feel there is little to complain on these set of images.

Day light shot. Good clarity and detail, not overly sharp but generally good IQ.

Good detail and natural colours. Focus on the rocks and the sand.

Not looking very sharp here but generally decent quality. The colours lean slightly on the cooler side of things - guess it's the typical Nikon colours. The grass doesn't look overly saturated and appear a bit washed-out, retaining a natural feel to the overall image.

In summary, I do think the Coolpix A is capable of some great results. The feel of the images look different from the Fuji X cameras mainly in colours. In comparison to the Fuji X100S, I do feel the Coolpix A falls slightly short mainly in clarity and sharpness, but not too far behind.

I would appreciate some thoughts from experienced photographers.

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