? - 27" iMac vs Retina MBP as a desktop machine.

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Re: ? - 27" iMac vs Retina MBP as a desktop machine.

If you've been waiting with baited breath for the Mac Pro, you really need to think about how much power you need. The 27" iMac is a very nice machine, but if you're heavy into video, the next Mac Pro will likely be much faster.

I just imported about 30 hours of SD Digital8 tapes on my new iMac into iMovie. Since the video was tape based, they are basically imported by playing the tape and capturing the video (as opposed to new systems that transfer the video as files, i.e. much faster). After each video was imported, iMovie analyzed the video for people and stabilization. And this is where faster is better. The analysis took 15-30 minutes per tape (depending on the amount of video).

HD video will take longer. Maybe you won't analyze for stabilization (all my footage is hand-held and benefits from the process).

The point is, make sure the rMBP or iMac will suite your needs. If not, wait for the Mac Pro.

MGJ - I popped for the iMac. I got a loaded 27" and it was expensive enough.

In a couple of years I can give it to my wife if I really want/need a MP.

I have a lot of tapes to transfer too.

Can I PM you?

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