Canon is about to launch super small DSLR. Implications for next Oly E?

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Roger Engelken
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Re: Canon is about to launch super small DSLR. Implications for next Oly E?

I'm surprised no one brought this up here, yet. But the rumored new Canon will be significantly lighter than the Oly E620--370g vs. 470g (without batteries).

I guess the new Oly E has already been designed and is launching this year regardless of the new competitive landscape. I still have 4/3 lenses that I hope I can use on a new Oly body and would like Olympus to do well. I'm hoping that the new "EOS-b" can generate new interest in small sized DSLR and that could help Oly--if the new E is on the small size, like an E-520 size. Then Oly would have a high end, small-size offering that could possibly coattail off Canon's marketing for the EOS-b.

Olympus has always taken pride in its miniaturization capabilities. I believe the original E-1 was marketed as a small, professional system--though the camera itself wasn't that small. I still remember what a breakthrough design the E-410 was, when it appeared. I hope Olympus can deliver an E-520 form factor with the new high end E. I know others would disagree on this.

Well, with the march of technology, each and every camera manufacturer faces the same challenge.  The timeline from initial conception of the body to its' release is no doubt of some period of time, time in which the advancement of technology (whether for good or not) continues.  This puts Olympus in the same boat as any other manufacturer, sort of leveling the playing field in that way if no where else.  Time will tell what happens and what the next Olympus camera or cameras will bring.  I have more than enough enjoyment and challenges with my E-1, E-5, E-420 and E-620 to keep me busy throughout the year.  In many ways, the time of anticipation is the most enjoyable time of all, with the limitless possibilities.  Get out and enjoy the hobby.  

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