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Re: iPad mini as RAW backup

I've seen a lot of weird information here and there, some people saying that the iPad compresses, reduces, or generally degrades the quality of NEF files on import, and others saying that Dropbox for iPad will do the same.

iTunes will often reduce the resolution of photos downloaded to an iPhone, iPod, or iPad.  This dates back to the days of "music-only" iPods, and seems to be a way of saving flash space.

The iPad will not downsize photos that you upload via the Camera Connection Kit.  It might use embedded .JPGs for display (which might lead to the impression that it has "degraded" photos).

What exactly do I need to know, and would this be a good way to backup photos?

Depends on how much you have to back up.  If you have a lot of stuff to back up, a specialized photo backup device (that uses a hard disk and that also may be able to clone the contents of a memory card onto another card) or a hard-disk-equipped computer may make more sense.

It also depends on how much processing you want to do on images before returning home.  The iPad has some photo apps, but nothing like full Photoshop or Aperture or Lightroom.

Please don't suggest I purchase a Macbook Air, there is a reason why I want the iPad Mini, small size and weight.

It sounds like your options are:  iPad Mini, similar-sized Android tablet, or one of those photo backup devices.

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