Canon is about to launch super small DSLR. Implications for next Oly E?

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Re: Uh ... it's a rumor ....

veroman wrote:

... not a certainty. Why suggest otherwise? Besides, if it's the same 18MP sensor in the 7D/60D/t4i, I think it stinks.

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Well, here's another mention:

Some rumors are more certain than others--like the rumor that the next E will be launched this year. I thought most people on this board follow the camera gear market more closely than I do, and would have a sense of how reliable this rumor is.

I think it will probably have the same 18MP sensor as on 7D/60D/t4i. So any market interest on this camera will be primarily driven by its form factor (and price point).

Um. Did you notice how Thom has it listed as a mirrorless camera? This means an electronic viewfinder...not an optical one. This camera is closer to the OM-D than anything else. Plus, when you consider that other manufacturers have made smaller cameras with optical viewfinders, it would appear that Canon is a little bit late to this party. I believe they will be stealing customers from themselves.

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Uh...I think you need to re-read Thom's article.  He stated that Canon is "bracketing" mirrorless with the EOS-M mirrorless and the EOS-b DSLR.  Here's a snip from Thom's article:  "the EOS B looks mighty competitive with a lot of the mirrorless players, yet retains the phase detect autofocus and optical view of the DSLRs"

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