Why use Pentax?

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Re: Why use Pentax?

why do people choose Pentax over big hitters like Nikon and Canon?

I seriously considered pentax before I bought into canon. I was attracted by it because their bodies seem to provide good value for money - higher spec-ed than similarly priced Canikon. I think most pentax users bought into pentax for this reason too.

But after some more careful research I decided against it for the following reasons:

1, apart from kit lens, Pentax lenses are generally more expensive than Canon counterpart, and slightly weaker in optical performance (for example 16-50 vs canon 17-55). It can be a difficult comparison because pentax goes its way to not make comparable lenses. For example it does not make a 70-200 F2.8 but a 50-135 F2.8. In the end however, I still feel for the same money, Canon lenses are better. It appears to me that pentax price their bodies very aggressively and hope to make a profit on lens sales. Personally I feel it would not work out for me.

2, Pentax is not exactly known for industry leading AF. Personally speaking, one of the biggest reason of buying SLR over mirrorless is for the AF. I want the ability to shoot action, wild life and BIF. Canon just seem more established in that area.

3, Many people, myself included, would like to leave the option of going FF open. FF price falling is inevitable, FF will always provide better IQ and more DOF options. with canon, one can have a FF upgrade path; with pentax, one is stuck with aps-c.

4, IBIS has its strength, it should make stablised lenses cheaper (since all lenses are stablised), but that does not appear to be the case with pentax (refer to point 1). on the other hand IBIS does not stablise OVF, it makes tracking using long lenses more difficult than ILIS. For this reason I would prefer Canon lenses.

5, pentax accessories appear to be quite expensive and 3rd party offerings is much more limited than canon.

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