Talking about ISO w/o using the word 'exposure' (reply to clengman)

Started Mar 19, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Talking about ISO w/o using the word 'exposure' (reply to clengman)

This is why exposure compensation is needed for "Auto-ISO in M" model (a mode only available to Oly shooters). Then if blown highlights were threatened, one could still fix shutter speed, fix aperture, and let the camera pick the ISO to produce a somewhat 'underexposed' image (so as to not blow out highlights). This is something RAW shooters do all the time in the other auto modes (A and S).

Yes, exposure compensation is still needed in my model (though one could call it brightness compensation since with Auto-ISO, dialling in an 'exposure compensation' doesn't change the exposure but the brightness). In a sense, I am trying to lay out a camera interaction model that can avoid that sometimes contentious term 'exposure'.

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