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Re: product photography question

I'm shooting some small products on a white background (white paper sweep). I'm using 2 Ego lights on each side and a 100mm lens on a tripod   The shots look fine but I seem to get a little off-white, yellowish shadow around the product i'm shooting. Any tips for making the surrounding area a nice solid white? Thanks

I think folks missed the point in the replies. The yellowish shadow is no doubt due to some stray light source in the room.  The camera's white balance is set for the Ego lights which are daylight color.  In the shadow areas, where the Ego lights are not shining, there is light from another source, probably an overhead tungsten light or possibly morning or afternoon sunlight from a window, which are yellower than the Ego lights.  That is what would make the shadows yellowish.  Turn off or block the other lights and the problem should go away. Shooting inside a light tent can block stray light sources.

As for getting shadowless imaages, there are tips for that at

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