MAC users, Aperture 3 or Lightroom 4?

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Re: A3 vs LR4

academytim wrote:

I have both A3 and LR4. I use A3 99% of the time due to ease of use/etc. The one thing that I will give LR the advantage on is noise reduction. I use a plugin for Aperture called "noise ninja" that does a pretty good job, but it even isn't as good as the noise reduction built into Lightroom. I very rarely shoot over ISO800, so its pretty rare that I have any real noise at all anyway. On those rare occasions that I shoot at 1600 or 3200, LR4 does do a much better job at removing noise while preserving detail.

Nik Dfine is excellent for noise removal in Aperture.

Just downloaded Dfine 2.0 trial. Looks promising. Thanks. sites are reporting that the CTO of Adobe just left to go work for Apple. Could be interesting for future versions of Aperture/Final Cut Pro.

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