D5100 user considering NEX-6

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Re: D5100 user considering NEX-6

Speaking as a NEX 7 user as well as a Nikon and a collection of lenses.

Buy a D5200 body. $200 cheaper than a NEX6. Better physical camera. You know how to use it. You already have superb lenses for it. You will not be faced with buying a Sony lens that is not as good as what you have and as a result you will make better images.

I have a D5100 - would you still recommend getting a 5200 instead? I figured it wasn't worth the extra $300. I realize the Nikon SLR + lenses are a great combo, but the reason for considering mirrorless in my case is size and convenience which translate to carrying the camera around more often. My main concern about mirrorless given my limited experience with the Fuji X100 is autofocus speed and accuracy in low light and shooting moving children and action, and not so much IQ or manual controls (both excellent in today's mirrorless).

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