High 'F' stop and slow shutter on OM-D E-M5

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Re: High 'F' stop and slow shutter on OM-D E-M5

rpm40 wrote:

37mm ND filters:


I would get at least a 0.9 (3 stop) filter, but probably stronger stronger, for what you want to do. The more stops, the more light you're blocking out.

You might also want to look at variable ND filters- basically, you can turn the filter to dial in how much you want to control the light. Heres a cheap one that does 1.3 stops all the way up to 8.6 stops:


I've never had a polaroid filter before- I usually get Hoya, B+W, had a couple cheap tiffens that were so-so- but for $35 you probably can't go wrong as long as it's decent.

From what I've read, variable ND filters are much worse than normal ND filters, unless you spend a rather large amount.

FWIW, I just ordered 3 stop and 6 stop Hoya ND filters for my largest filter size lens, plus step rings to use with smaller filter size lenses. I figure 3, 6 and 9 stops should cover what I'll need and will be much higher quality than I'll get from a similar spend on a variable ND.

Typically cheap ND filters are nothing more than a couple of polarising filters - stack a linear type pl filter on top of a circular type pl filter and by varying the angles of them relative to each... other (and the camera) you will get a variable ND effect.

The downside is that because they are intended as pl filters, they typically won't be entirely neutral in colour. A great cheap option to play with, but not ideal.

The more expensive filters obviously have more steps taken in the design and manufacture to prevent this, but will cost you...

I would personally recommend a basic three stop nd filter, fairly easy to get old of, and not outrageously expensive for a mid range option like a Hoya or similar. If you find it not of as much use as you expected, then you won't have a huge loss, and if you do find you enjoy using it then you can start looking into the fancier and more specific options like big stoppers and variable nd filters.

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