Exposure Basics, lesson three?

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Re: All at once or nothing at all?

I was trying to say that, as a beginner, I was fine starting out with the idea that the exposure triangle included ISO but that this didn't prevent me from going on to understand and appreciate the stricter/correct definition of exposure and the role of ISO in the image process.

There has been much discussion on these threads that once you have been taught that ISO is a part of exposure then you are limited to this understanding and I was trying to say that this has not been my experience.

Neither has it hindered me in any noticeable way. But we keep seeing people that have a very hard time understanding that higher ISO values with digital sensors are just mapping a lower portion of the linearly recorded brightness range to an output brightness distribution.

One might wonder if these people might have had an easier time if one had explained them as the very first step what ISO with digital sensors means in practice when introducing the topic of ISO. And maybe the idea I outlined in this post might be an even better solution.

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