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Re: Brian Miller - huh?

Brian, if you have time, could you explain your cheese remark?

I think I can explain the cheese remark. It was a management/ self help book from about 15 years ago. It was about dealing with a changing world.

Aha, thanks. Here is the Amazon page with reviews.

Who Moved My Cheese? with [and] life

It seems that Brian is making the point that those who dislike W8 are stuck in the past, need to move on etc.

It seems many people are moving on with tablets. Before Christmas, iPad had a 55% market share of tablet sales, although that share decreased 14% from the previous quarter. [TechCrunch]

For tablet sales in 2013, IDC predicts Android 49%, iOS 46%, Windows 3%. This could be totally bogus - not sure how IDC defines tablets. Surface is included, maybe not Ultrabooks. [NetworkWorld]

Personally I would buy a larger iPad Retina, but perhaps Android will get there first with a > 11" screen.

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