What do the Pros Do?

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Re: you know what...

RedFox88 wrote:

DenWil wrote:

Or for that matter any social, sporting or entertainment events that I attend as a guest or spectator.

You know what, if you aren't taking some decent snapshots at family get togethers, you will leave them to blurry iphone photos. Do you really want to leave them to that because you are too "blank" to take some photos?

Yes. I'm quite OK with that. I have no emotional need for any photographic record of day to day minutiae.  I was there. That suffices. I have no craving for the validation or attention some get by being the photographer and serving that purpose for the group.  I have never taken or had an interest in snapshots my entire life.  After a quarter century of shooting professionally under exacting circumstances  no one expects me to. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse, shoot ten frames. Go home.

I'm not talking about light umbrellas or anything. Just your SLR, a good lens or two and an external flash that bounces.

My  SLR (s)  are Pentax 67s (100% of my professional output)  and a 645 for emergencies, (no other cameras) and lol, I don't own an external flash  that bounces.

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