Rumor: X-Pro1 being discontinued

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Re: Rumor: X-Pro1 being discontinued

I am not finding this rumor surprising at all. On one hand, they sell XE1 which for uninitiated is hard to differentiate from Xpro1. On the other hand, X100s offers a new gen sensor and features. On the third hand, they probably got a letter from Sony saying that the sensor production is being discontinued.

I still think that releasing XE1 was a dumb move, but that besides the point - I just hope that Xpro2 is going to be more than X100s with interchangeable lenses.

What would make me upgrade? That's pretty easy - same great ergonomics and color processing, much improved AF, 24MP xtrans, proper support for manual lenses and a movie mode that does not suck.

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