Sunrays sun position calculator

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Sunrays sun position calculator


For about a year, Ive been searching for a good software that shows the sun rays for the given location for a specific date.
This would be great for 2 of my needs:
1) photography
2) finding a fine restaurant which serves outdoors in order to eat under the fall and spring sun.. (when the sun never hurts or harms my skin as it does in summer) 
Until today Ive been using softwares like:

TPE, LightTrac , Sun Sur Lite and Sun Seeker and they are all right except one missing function:
They dont allow me to see if there are obstacles such as a tall building or a hill which blocks the sun...
fe: lets assume that I am searching for a fine restaurant within walking distance of my location to eat outdoors under the sun..
It can be midday like 13:00 so that the sun is 90 degrees to us and at its heighest point but at that time some of the streets are in shadows because of the tall buildings blocking the sun rays and they do not get the sun rays at all..
But a crossing street might be getting all the rays at that specific date.. 
So I have to focus on that street to find a good restaurant.
The similar version is also essential for a photographer..

Today Ive found a new application and it says it does what Ive been searching for..
Ive downloaded the app from their website
and run it (it uses google earth) but although it seems like it is very capable and it claims it does allow me to see the obstacles like the buildings blocking the sun , I have to buy the full version in order to see it.

It is not expensive but the thing is the users of the mobile version of this software seems unhappy about this software although I believe the windows version would be very capable.

Before I purchase the full windows version, I wanted to ask you if you know some other softwares which does exactly what I am after or has anybody used this full windows version of this sunrays software and view the obstacles at a given location for a specific date?

thx in advance

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