Decision time: GH3 or LX7 (for trip)

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Re: Decision time: GH3 or LX7 (for trip)

John.Laninga wrote:

I'm about to leave on a long cruise (minimal photo ops) followed by a week in Rome, then a week in London before heading home. I can take either of these two kits but I can't make up my mind:

  • GH3, 12-35 and 35-100 in a small messenger type bag
  • LX-7 with LVF2 finder in a small waist pack

I already own both of these setups, but the question really boils down to what to take. The LX-7 is obviously much easier to carry, and I have found it to be a very capable little camera when paired with the LVF-2. And in the waist bag it is virtually theft proof, and leaves both hands free.

But the GH3 with lenses isn't all THAT big, and is weatherproof (may be a big deal in London). But, it means carrying a messenger bag, and making sure it doen't disappear in busy tourist places. And, we'll be doing a LOT of walking, and we're not young anymore...

The draw of the GH3 is strong, but the portability of the LX7 is also in favor.... what would you do?


Personally, as long as you find the GH3 fine to use in general use (ie its not too heavy), I would take that. There's no reason why you couldn't do the whole of London with the 12-35 to be honest. I regularly wander around with my GH3 or X-Pro1 in a billingham hadley pro or small bag with maybe one other lens.

As for crime, I don't think its too bad in either Rome or London unless you head out of the centre - just the occasional opportunist who will try to bamboozle the unwary. Frankly if people you don't know approach you and they aren't uniformed police or staff at an attraction, just ignore them and move on (they'll be used to it). I can't speak for Rome but in London it isn't considered impolite at all to just ignore people with leaflets or fliers or say "no thanks" and walk on. I seem to remember telling some burbling halfwit in Rome (he was attempting to distract me with some nonsense about David Beckham) to b*gger off and he was fairly sanguin about the whole thing before moving on.

There is another phenomena in London worth mentioning. The centre is infested with chuggers (charity muggers) who will seriously waste the time of the unwary attempting to secure charitable donations (I should point out there is nothing wrong with charities but I object to being actively badgered on the street) - adopt the technique above to avoid them.

Being weatherproof is a big deal in London (and Rome if you get caught in a downpour). The GH3 plus either X lens is ideal for our (wet) spring. Make sure you bring both hoods - they don't just protect from the sun...

Only other observation I would make is that I would prefer a UWA lens to a zoom as a second lens but maybe that's just me.

I hope that helps.



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