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Re: Lumix GH2 vs. GH3 videography

Francis Carver wrote:

rialcnis wrote:

Francis Carver wrote:

Good quality Canon 10x zoom lenses for Lumix GH3 videography

There are cheaper cine zooms or rental.

Sort of lost me right then and there with this one, rialcnis. Yes, there are cheaper zooms.... although likely they are not going to be full 10x zoom range zooms, right? As far as the "or rental" part -- yes, you can buy them, rent them, borrow them -- or kill for them, I suppose.

You aren't suggesting this new camera you want will be as good as a 44,000 dollar lens.

No idea about the camera -- as it is not out yet. No idea about the $44,650 Canon zoom lens, either -- don't know anyone who would have picked one up, right off the top of my head. I know this, though -- when a whole lot of folks are watching stuff on cell phones and tablets, some of the ultra pricey stuff out there now makes little sense to buy/rent. Okay I guess for unlimited budget sportsters and commercial spot folks -- and who else?

With the GH3 you have a large choice of pana and oly primes and zooms a pair of f0.95 Voigtlanders and a couple SLR Magics and various ebay bargains to adapt.

For taking still images, there is indeed nothing wrong with using single focal types of lenses, none.

Give it a little time and m4/3 we will get the cine zooms. In the meantime a lot can be done with the GH3 and it's 50 and 72mbps bitrates.

Not much that could be done, really, since the hackware equipped GH2 will still beat the diapers off of a normal Panasonic edition Lumix DMC-GH3 when it comes to video IQ, won't it now? Those 2 codecs you mention are pretty much the same for visual IQ, except for the fact that that the 50Mbit variant is interframe predictive, and the 72Mbit variant of it is pro-style intraframe all-I.

I think real pro cinema quality is attainable with the GH3.

Not in a million years, I would think. Of course, it is probably also true that everyone these days will have a somewhat different view on what exactly constitutes "pro cinema quality."

My OMD also makes excellent video as well but only 28mbps---although it could possibly get a firmware update to boost the bitrate, and people are claiming they are working on hacks for it. Were that to happen it could be even better then the GH3 because of the IBIS in the body.

No reason to update your recording bitrate, really, unless you can at the same time also upgrade the codec's architecture by moving it up a notch from 4:2:0 chroma to at least a 4:2:2 subsampled chroma space, and moving it up from its low 8-bit color fidelity to at least a 10-bit color depth, right?

Pana fans are probably going to hack the GH3 as well and who knows what they will achieve. A hacked GH2 would be a better choice then a fixed lens camcorder that will never give pro results.

Only a dedicated professional video camcorder will provide a video professional with professional video results. The rest of the gear your are talking of are merely lower cost alternative work-arounds to that.

I agree with you, though, that just about any hacked Lumix GH2 will give you superior IQ video compared to what you can expect out of a "Panasonic factory approved" 50Mbit or 72Mbit bitrate DMC-GH3.

If this new camcorder is hacked maybe it could do better bitrate too,, but then you are forever, creatively limited by the fixed lens.

Never heard of any professional gear being "hacked," and who would bother to hack a consumer product in the first place, anyhow? Also, if a lens on a camera would indeed "limit your'creativity," well then maybe there are some user-related issues here as well in the equipment equation.

Seems to me you'd really be settling for much less with a fixed lens camcorder for $$999.00

Less than what, exactly? Less than with a $65,000 Sony CineAlta PMW-F65? Of course, agreed.

I see a GH3 in your future.

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